Can You See Through Zebra Blinds? How to Increase Privacy in Your Home

As humans, we value privacy very much. Yet, if you look at our living arrangements in recent years, it would seem that we don’t. Townhouse and apartment complexes have become a common occurrence to meet the growing demand for housing in South Africa. People are living on top of each other. 

Living in such close proximity to our neighbours, it’s vital to find other ways to regain our privacy. One of the most common ways to do that is with window coverings. In this article, we’re specifically looking at the privacy zebra blinds offer. 

Zebra blinds are beautiful and versatile. The options are endless when it comes to colour and material type. Blockout zebra blinds enable you to restrict what people see from the outside and offer exceptional light management. Not only do you have complete control over your privacy but over the amount of light that enters your home too.

If you want to add beauty and functionality to your room, consider zebra blinds. Because of their smooth and modern look, they work perfectly in any room whether it’s an office, bedroom or living room.

Operating zebra blinds is simple and straightforward. You can choose between a manual operation or automatic, which you can open and close from your smartphone. The latter is always preferred in a home with kids and pets. 

Can You See Through Zebra Blinds?

The answer is No! Versatile and available in various colours, textures and patterns as well as block out and light-filtering materials.

Other Benefits of Zebra Window Blinds

  1. Filters daylight, reduces UV rays and minimizes computer screen glare.
  2. More affordable than other window treatments and easy to install.
  3. Practical as they are easy to operate and control the amount of light you’d like in your space.
  4. Add a layer of insulation thus keeping temperatures comfortable inside.

When choosing blinds for your home, you have to ensure that it’s functional and perfect for your unique needs but also that it’s beautiful and matches your style of decor. If you’re looking for a blind that offers a smooth, modern look but also have the ability to block out the sun and give complete privacy, then zebra roller blinds (also known as Turkish double roller blinds) are the perfect solution for you.

Interested in zebra blinds for your home? We thought you might be! Who doesn’t want to protect their privacy! Get the best deals on zebra blinds when you work with the pros. 

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