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Looking for High-Quality and Affordable Roller Blinds South Africa?

Curtain Master & Blinds has been in business for nearly 30 years. What started as a ready-made curtain shop in Gauteng has grown into a prosperous business with branches. Since then, we have focused on becoming a leader in furniture brands. Despite being in Durban, we can offer products and services throughout South Africa.  Looking […]

Where to Find The Best Living Room Roller Blinds for Ultimate Convenience and Protection

If you’re wondering where to find the best blinds in South Africa, you’re in the right place. Curtain Master offers a wide range of top-quality window treatments, including blinds, for the domestic and commercial industries. With 30 years of experience, Curtain Master offers high-quality window treatments at affordable prices. Call us today and help design […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Roller Blinds for Bedroom Windows

Blinds are one of many solutions for window treatments. If you’ve already looked done your research on choosing between blinds and curtains, you know the many benefits of window blinds.  Roller blinds take you one step closer to choosing the ideal window covering for your needs. These slim and stylish blinds are rapidly becoming a […]

Repairs for Vertical Blinds: Most Common Problems You’ll Come Across

Vertical blinds are a popular style of blind that can be found in many homes and offices across the country. The affordability, practicality, privacy and lighting flexibility that vertical blinds offer are just some of the reasons why they are a desirable choice. As with anything that is used daily, your vertical blinds will be […]

What You Need to Know About Fixing Broken Blinds and Rails

Broken blinds can be an annoyance, especially when they aren’t fulfilling their purpose and leave your window looking shabby. We can’t avoid the effects of wear and tear over time, but some problems arise more frequently than others. Common Problems with Blinds: Broken tilter mechanism Worn or broken lifting cords Broken or damaged blind slats […]

Luxurious and Affordable Blinds Installation for Your Home or Business

There are so many types of blinds to choose from, but selecting the right type for your application can be the difference between an average and a great space. You won’t install the same blinds in the kitchen and bathroom that you would in the bedroom. Purchasing blinds from local retailers might be an option, […]

3 Excellent Reasons to Install Plaswood Blinds in Your Home

One of the biggest challenges when choosing blinds for your home is choosing between plaswood and real wood blinds. Both have similar features and give off the same vibe, but there are some key differences to consider, the biggest one being the price. Here’s how wood blinds and plaswood blinds differ. Wood Blinds Wood blinds […]

Pitfalls of DIY Blinds Installation and Why It’s Better to Get a PRO

Window treatments are an essential part of any home. It enables you to control the amount of light that enters a room, provides you with privacy and helps reduce noise pollution. Another reason why we install blinds and curtains is to regulate the temperatures in the room. Blinds are available from retailers, or they can […]

The Best Social Media Site to Find Inspiration for Blinds (With Pictures)

There are so many inspiration sources where you can go to find the window blinds that will suit your interior design best such as interior design magazines, decor websites and social media. At Curtain Master, Pinterest is by far our favourite because it is free and easy to use. There’s always something new to discover […]