High-Quality Sheer Blinds Durban

Are you looking for roller blinds that will let in a fair amount of light into your room without it being too dark or harsh? Sheer roller blinds would be a perfect option and can be installed in areas where you spend plenty of time in such as the dining or living room. These type of roller blinds fit in well with both classic and minimalistic designs and give a soft and delicate appearance.


For the last 30 years, Curtain Master has supplied the best window treatment solutions to South Africans. And we’re not about to stop any time soon. We are passionate about what we do. So if you are looking for top-quality blinds that will be kind to your budget, you are welcome to get in touch for a free quote today.

What Are Sheer Blinds?

Sheer roller blinds are manufactured with see-through fabric or transparent weave. These type of blinds protect you from prying eyes outside while allowing you to still enjoy the view outside. They are perfect for rooms that are occupied on a regular basis since they filter through the UV lights effectively.

Benefits of Sheer Roller Blinds

When it comes to sheer blinds, the advantages are endless. They are one of the most durable blinds available on the market. And, they offer great value for money since they will keep looking good in the long run. Because these roller blinds are made from woven PVC, they are 100% waterproof and will work well in a kitchen and bathroom. Maintenance is as easy as taking a damp cloth and wiping off any spots.


These type of blinds are the best option if you want to allow a little bit of light into the room without compromising your privacy. Tired of your furniture fading because of light exposure? Sheer blinds give you the opportunity to have sufficient sunlight in your home without the harmful effects of UV rays.


If you’re looking for blinds that can be automated, this type of blind will work great because of the fact that they are lightweight. You will be able to operate your blinds from the comfort of your bed or anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a smartphone.


Where Should I Use Sheer Blinds?

The sky’s the limit to where they can be used. As we’ve mentioned before, their waterproof element allows for use in moisture-prone areas. They can also be installed in the bedroom, living room or dining room. Wherever privacy is needed, these window coverings will suffice while providing a comfortable level of light.

Can You See Through Sheer Blinds?

Since you can’t see inside a dark home when it is light outside, these types of blinds provide ample privacy during the day time. However, when it’s dark outside and your home is lit, they don’t offer as much privacy. When the lights are off, you won’t be able to see through them.


Affordable Window Treatment Solutions in South Africa

Looking for blinds that are both great quality and affordable? You’ve come to the right place. Curtain Master can assist. For all roller blinds, wooden blinds shutters, curtains and accessories, get in touch with the team for a free quote. One of our experienced consultants will come out to your home and take measurements to ensure maximum accuracy during manufacturing.


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