Sensual Silk

[la_divider height="lg:20px;"][la_heading alignment="left" title="Sensual Silk"][/la_heading][la_divider height="lg:20px;"] If silk doesn’t say ‘luxury’ nothing does. Be warned though, silk is best chosen for its aesthetic appeal than functionality. Silk is a heavy-ish fabric, so it drapes well; it looks fabulously romantic in bedrooms or formal dining rooms. But it’s not the most practical. Silk is dry-clean only, [...]

Curtain Headings

[la_divider height="lg:20px;"][la_heading alignment="left" title="Curtain Headings"][/la_heading][la_divider height="lg:20px;"] There are three heights at which you can hang the heading of your curtain. These are at ceiling height, just above the window frame or flush with the window reveal. This choice should be based on the amount of space you have in your home, making it larger or [...]