Pitfalls of DIY Blinds Installation and Why It’s Better to Get a PRO

Window treatments are an essential part of any home. It enables you to control the amount of light that enters a room, provides you with privacy and helps reduce noise pollution. Another reason why we install blinds and curtains is to regulate the temperatures in the room. Blinds are available from retailers, or they can […]

The Best Social Media Site to Find Inspiration for Blinds (With Pictures)

There are so many inspiration sources where you can go to find the window blinds that will suit your interior design best such as interior design magazines, decor websites and social media. At Curtain Master, Pinterest is by far our favourite because it is free and easy to use. There’s always something new to discover […]

The Best Place to Find Affordable Vertical Blinds Durban

Do you still cover your windows with curtains? Are you tired of washing them regularly or replacing them due to sun damage? Vertical blinds are a more affordable yet elegant alternative to cover windows and checks all the boxes if you want a stunning and modern window treatment. They also offer complete light control so […]

Why You Should Use Professionals for Your Blinds Installation

Have you ever wondered how to install blinds in your home? The best blinds installations are done by professionals like Curtain Master. Using experts for the installation is more affordable than you might think and ensures that you are happy with the result. You may think it is easy to install blinds, but it requires […]

Curtain Rods vs Tracks: Which One Is Right for You?

Curtain rods are both designed to support curtains but in essence, are very different. Curtain tracks are meant to be invisible while curtain rods are often a decorative feature. Which one you choose will depend on the desired visual effect in your space. If you prefer practical technology and simple functionality, curtain tracks will be […]

Need Help with Choosing Curtain Accessories That Suit Your Unique Style?

For some, interior design comes naturally. But, not everyone is blessed with the skills to throw things together and make it look pretty. And it is ok to need help in that department too! Don’t hesitate to speak with professionals in the industry if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. Curtains do […]