What Is Roller Blind Material? Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Home

Are you constantly having to open and close heavy curtains to adjust the amount of light you let in? Does sunlight streaming through sheer bedroom window coverings cause you to wake up earlier than necessary? Do you worry about the sun’s rays fading your furnishings and overheating your home, causing an increase in the cost of air conditioning?

Roller blinds may be the perfect solution if you are frustrated with your current window coverings, or you wish to cover new windows with easy-to-operate shades that offer a variety of fabrics to allow in just the right amount of light while matching the decor in your home. You can choose window shades that block out light or allow you to see out your window. It is also possible to use two layers of fabric to allow as much natural light as possible into your living areas.

What Is Roller Blind Material?

Blockout Roller Blinds 

Blackout shades block virtually all incoming light. When your schedule is unconventional, darkening your room on demand can help you sleep better. Blackout blinds provide more privacy if you need them.

Blackout blinds have an additional benefit in that they add insulation to your home and block out harmful ultraviolet rays. This keeps your room warm in cold weather and cooler in hotter months. You are therefore saving money on energy bills. Your furnishings will also last longer if UV light is blocked.

In many cases, blackout fabrics can be bonded to a more attractive or textured material. This will provide you with reduced light, enhanced privacy, and a look that matches the room’s decor.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds 

You can add filtered sunscreen fabric to your roller blinds so that you can still keep your views. Also, as opposed to blocking all light, sunscreen blinds can give you some privacy while allowing some light in.

A sunscreen blind allows some light in while still providing some insulation and blocking 80 to 95 per cent of UV rays. Additionally, some sunscreen fabrics are treated with antimicrobials to prevent mould from growing.

Sheer Roller Blinds

With sheer roller blinds, you can enjoy the view from your window. Light is filtered through these sheer fabrics through textured or decorative materials, which give a softer and more decorative appearance to your room. There is some protection provided by sheer blinds against curious passersby, even if they don’t provide absolute privacy. You can combine the look you want with the functionality you need for your specific environment, no matter which type of roller blinds you choose.

Translucent Roller Blinds

Translucent blinds provide privacy while letting in ample light, giving a good compromise between complete blockout blinds and sheer fabrics. Furthermore, a wide variety of fabric textures and colours is available that will add a beautiful touch to your room while also providing sufficient light.

There are many benefits to installing roller blinds in a home, not just because of their excellent functionality for privacy and light blocking, but also because they look great and can transform your interior. For more information or to request a free quote, get in touch with Curtain Master today!