How Much Is a Set of Shutters in South Africa?

The price of shutters can vary depending on the manufacturer and the product. But how can you tell whether you are overpaying? 

Custom-made shutters have numerous variables that impact the final price. 

We will examine some of those variables in this article. We’ll explain why value for money is more important than the bottom line when it comes to shutters.

Aluminium, PVC, and Wood

Wood and aluminium are popular materials for shutters. Polyvinyl-Chloride (PVC) and Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) are some cheaper materials used by manufacturers. Shutters made from these materials are suitable, but they are not ideal.

If exposed to heat, PVC shutters leak toxins such as formaldehyde. Also, they must be treated with UV stabilisers to prevent yellowing. MDF is lighter than wood, so it is cheaper but less durable. Shutters made of MDF aren’t recommended for large windows as they can’t withstand heavy use.

For our custom shutters, Curtain Master uses solid Obeche wood and aluminium. Aluminium shutters come in two types: Decorative Aluminium Shutters and Security Aluminium Shutters. 

Is Wood or Aluminium Cheaper for Shutters?

Most of the cost of shutters is accounted for by the materials used.

A hardwood that won’t warp, crack, or split is most suitable for shutters. To prevent rot and insect damage, the wood must be treated and dried. Obeche is a tropical timber from West Africa. Medium grain and lightweight make it ideal for making wooden shutters.

For our decorative and security shutters, we use high-grade aluminium. Aluminium prices fluctuate based on market and economic factors. Creating shutter profiles from raw materials adds to the cost.

Wood may seem cheaper than aluminium shutters at first glance, but it isn’t always the case. It takes more time and skill to construct wooden shutters. Besides the raw material, the shutters’ final price is determined by this aspect.

Specifications for Shutter Design

The size of each opening varies despite standard window and door sizes. The size of a window or doorway can be affected by plastering, tiles, burglar bars, and other features. It only takes a few millimetres to make a significant difference to the fit.

The cost of some shutter configurations is higher than others. The gear required for bifold shutters is more expensive. Your shutter configuration is again dependent upon your available space. Our consultants will recommend the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Since shutter prices depend on so many variables, it is impossible to define an average price. If you want to estimate your shutters’ final cost, you cannot use a price per square metre. It does not reflect the factors that go into determining a final price accurately. When determining a shutter’s price, it’s imperative to understand the area where they are going to be installed. Our products and services are of the highest quality, and we aim to give you excellent value for your money. Get in touch with Curtain Master for a free estimate today.