Are Shutters a Good Idea? Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Shutters for Your Property

A home is more than just a building. It is your sanctuary, your place of comfort, your safe place. It is natural to want to protect your home against external threats and weather hazards. Therefore, choose high-quality shutters from Curtain Master and secure your living space while expressing your style.

Benefits of Shutters

Beauty, convenience, elegance and curb appeal are a few of the obvious benefits of window shutters. As a result, shutters have become more popular in recent years. Curtain Master’s custom made shutters can be beneficial for you in several ways.

Custom Made to Fit Any Window

Almost any door or window opening can be fitted with security shutters which are custom made. They are particularly useful for enclosing patios.

Good for Controlling Privacy and Light

Normally installed inside, interleaved shutters, once locked, can provide improved security and privacy. It eliminates the need for problematic and unattractive tilt bars by providing a sturdy shutter framework to hold the panels in place. The louvres fit snugly into the shutter frame, eliminating any possibility of security breaches. It will be impossible for criminals to see what’s going on inside your home.

With the adjustable louvres, you can also control the amount of light entering a room at any given time. As they can be adjusted for privacy effortlessly, security shutters are ideal for bedrooms as well as bathrooms.

Protect Your Home in Style

Nowadays, security gates, burglar bars, and electric fencing are not enough to secure your property in South Africa. Crime has become too sophisticated for these measures to keep you safe. As beautiful as wooden shutters, Curtain Master’s security shutters can also provide your home with an additional layer of security. The colours of our security shutters can be customized, as well. We insist that your shutters compliment the interior design style and décor of your home.

Suitable for the South African Climate

Along with protecting your property and looking great, our shutters will also resist the impact of Mother Nature. Designed to meet South African standards, our shutters are made of 100 per cent recyclable aluminium. Powder coating and rust-resistant hardware make these shutters easy to clean, functional and durable. Security shutters are available in by-pass, bi-fold, and hinged configurations.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

We offer shutters that are easily operable and maintainable, as well as durable. They are robust enough to endure even the harshest conditions, including coastal areas, because they are fade and UV resistant. You won’t have to worry about maintenance for many years.

To answer your question: Are shutters a good idea? We’d say YES! The advantages of installing security shutters are clear and far outweigh the initial investment. Nevertheless, make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer in Durban, such as Curtain Master. Contact us for a free quote today!