Shutters 101: What Kind of Shutters Are Best?

Many homeowners prefer a minimalistic design with clean lines, and wooden shutters and blinds offer just that. When you install custom-made shutters, you won’t have to deal with bulky curtains and accessories. No matter what your design style or unique requirements, our shutters can be an excellent option.

Shutters are some of the most stylish window treatments available these days. They provide complete light control and privacy, making them the ideal solution for homes in South Africa. Summer can be brutal for winter lovers, and shutters help ensure adequate light without overheating a room. Shutters ad value to your design and style.

What Kinds of Shutters Are Available?

Shutters are an excellent addition to any home. We are confident in our products and offer the most suitable solution based on your needs. The shutters and blinds we offer come in a variety of colours and materials.

PVC Shutters

Shutters made from PVC have the appearance of wood but are non-toxic. You will only notice the difference at close range. PVC shutters are not only versatile, but are also extremely durable, so they are an excellent investment when buying a home.

Wood shutters

Your home will look gorgeous with wooden shutters. They are durable and resistant to damage, while still being aesthetically pleasing and tasteful.

Security Shutters

No matter the size of your window or door, security shutters prevent intruders from entering. Even the most determined burglars will be deterred by these lockable shutters.

What Kind of Shutters Are Best?

It will depend on your objective and your budget. Why do you want to install shutters? Security? Style? How much do you want to spend?

Curtain Master is the number one window covering and security solution provider in Durban. Our shutters are manufactured from the highest quality materials available on the market to suit our clients’ specific requirements. All our products are custom-made to fit your doors and windows since no two windows or doors are the same. We will come to your place and do the measurements ourselves to ensure all our hard work pays off and your shutters fit perfectly.

 If you have a question or want to request a quote, feel free to get in touch with the team at Curtain Master. We will advise you on the appropriate products for your needs. Contact us today if you want quality that’s in a class of its own!